Too busy to take a break? Too human not to!

You may think you’re too busy to take a break. I would say you’re too human not to.


I recently took an amazing week off to rest and relax on spring break. Since I have multiple jobs, three kids, a wife and a dog, my life tends to be pretty busy. Whenever someone asks me how I’m doing it always feels good to say,


“Oh you know, I’m just really busy”.


In fact, I find some weird satisfaction when someone says to me they assume I must be really busy. That seems wrong for some reason. It seems like being overly busy is some sort of badge of honor? Do I really believe that busyness equals accomplishment? Theres something about that feels really backwards. I think I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again but we’re not called human doings we are human beings. And last time I checked human beings need breaks we need a rest we need a rhythm to live by.


I love what Wayne Jacobson said about busyness.


“The urge to ‘do something’ when we feel insecure is the driving force behind much of our fruitless busyness.” Jacobson


I think Wayne’s right. If I don’t have too much “to do”, I start getting anxious. I start thinking weird questions like,


“Am I doing enough in life?”

“Are people going to think I’m lazy?”

“Important people always seem so busy. If I’m not super busy, am I not important?”


What drives those types of questions? I’m not totally sure, but I’m sure that you and I will never know that answer if we stay busy enough. Sadly, that exactly what some of us want.


We need a rhythm of rest and work. God knew this when he created us. That’s why he gave us a weekly rhythm to live by. We’re created and designed to work six days and rest for one. When we get too busy to take a break, it affects every part of our lives. Before you know it, this drive to accomplish so much begins to affect our soul, mind and strength.


This week as I sat around on the beach, trying my best to do as little as possible. As the days pasted, I could since myself getting healthier. My perspective on what really matters most was solidified. Even my desire to get home and get back to work was reenergized and refocused.


Now, maybe you’re not able to take a week away and go to the beach. But what could you do this week to take a rest? What could be a daily or weekly rhythm of rest for you?


You may think you’re too busy to take a break. I would say you’re too human not to.



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