Craig Dereka of Multiply Conference on the Born to Be Podcast

Craig Dereka on the Multiply Conference

In this episode of the Born to Be Podcast, Pastor Daron and Radio Theology Co-Host Ryan Ahlwardt chat with Craig Dereka. Craig is a dreamer, an entrepreneur, and the co-founder of the Multiply Conference coming to Indianapolis this November! You won’t want to miss Craig’s story about the roller coaster of a journey from finding […]

Chad Lunsford of Echo Church on the Born to Be podcast

Chad Lunsford on saying Yes to God

God’s plan for our life is rarely a straight line. Instead, God moves with us throughout life as He teaches us and prepares us for what He has for our future. This has been the experience of Chad Lunsford. Chad recently planted a church in Avon, Indiana, called Echo Church. Yet, this wasn’t the plan […]

Tullian Tchividjian on the Born to Be podcast

Tullian Tchividjian on failure and grace

Today’s conversation is extremely timely! This week, evangelist Billy Graham passed away at 99 years old. His influence can be seen throughout America. On this episode of the Born to Be podcast, Daron and Ryan talk to Billy Graham’s grandson, Tullian Tchividjian (yes, that’s correct. I checked the spelling three times!) Tullian isn’t your average […]


The Death of a Dream

Have you ever experienced the death of a dream?   I think we all have. In fact, dead dreams are the cause of much of our pain and shame. We took a risk and started a company. Then something happened and it died. We took a risk and loved someone. Then something happened and we […]


One word to overcome failure

  Have you failed your 2017 New Year resolutions? How do we overcome those failures? If you are like me, you have probably already failed at a few of them. When we fail in life, what should we do? It might sound too simple, but the answer is, forgive ourselves. Watch this weeks blog and […]