Born to Be Podcast: Trusting God with Aubrey Bence

Aubrey Bence on Choosing to Trust God

Is there life outside of motherhood. Motherhood is amazing, but have you ever wondered if you could have another purpose in life? Today’s interview is Aubrey Bence. Aubrey is a RFx Achiever & Lexus Earner as an Independent Consultant at Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. Aubrey also serves on the Board for an orphanage in Sierra […]


My first impression was my first mistake!

I might have been wrong about you?   Have you ever had a first impression that ended up being wrong? You met somebody and at first, you just couldn’t stand them. Then before you know it, you had to humbly admit, “I might’ve been wrong about you?” That happened to me and that person was […]


The Death of a Dream

Have you ever experienced the death of a dream?   I think we all have. In fact, dead dreams are the cause of much of our pain and shame. We took a risk and started a company. Then something happened and it died. We took a risk and loved someone. Then something happened and we […]


What if my best, isn’t good enough?

Have you ever felt like your BEST just wasn’t GOOD ENOUGH? If you are human, I know you have felt that way. We all do!    A good friend of mine had their second baby this week. There are so many exciting things about having a new baby. If I’m being honest, terrifying might be […]


One word to overcome failure

  Have you failed your 2017 New Year resolutions? How do we overcome those failures? If you are like me, you have probably already failed at a few of them. When we fail in life, what should we do? It might sound too simple, but the answer is, forgive ourselves. Watch this weeks blog and […]


Don’t Ever Give Up!

Finish a Marathon?   We all are facing a challenge in life that seems insurmountable. There are proverbial marathons all around us. Do we have what it takes to finish?   “Begin with the end in mind.” Stephen Covey   Whatever “marathon” challenge you are facing might seem impossible. I believe you can “finish the […]