Paul Young on writing The Shack

Paul Young on Writing The Shack [Part 1]

One of the most inspirational and controversial books in recent years is The Shack. Recently, it was made into a major motion picture. In this episode of the Born to Be Podcast, we have an open conversation with Paul Young, author of The Shack. Even though it only took 6 months to pen The Shack, […]

Wayne Jacobsen on the Born to Be podcast

Wayne Jacobsen on the impact of living Loved [Part 1]

Wayne Jacobsen is an author known for his book, He Love Me!. He also collaborated on the wildly popular book, The Shack, and helped to create the publishing company behind the book, Windblown Media. Wayne is the president of Bridge Builders, focusing on bringing unity and resolving religious conflicts, and is co-host of the God Journey podcast. Wayne […]

Created for a purpose

Created for a Purpose [Deep Dive]

WHO were you born to be? That is the question we feel called to answer. We have a passion to help you find your true identity and, in turn, discover why you were put on this earth. The truth is, the process of discovering who you were born to be actually begins with being “reborn.” […]

How to be effective in life

How to be effective in life [Deep Dive]

On this week’s Deep Dive, our host, Daron Earlewine addresses an important issue: How can we be effective in this life? Chances are, you want to be effective in life. You want your life to matter. We all want to look back on our lives, and see what impact we were able to create and […]

ryan ahlwardt on popularity versus purpose

Ryan Ahlwardt on chasing popularity versus finding true purpose

Ryan Ahlwardt, co-host of Radio Theology and former member of the popular a cappella group, Straight No Chaser, joins the podcast. In this interview, Daron and Ryan get into an interesting conversation about chasing after popularity versus making the hard decision to find your purpose. Maybe chasing after your passion doesn’t mean simply finding the things […]