Born to Be: realizing your calling

Darren Cooper on Realizing Your Calling

Create your art. This is life’s “tagline” for Darren Cooper. Today, Daron and Darren have a deep dive about stepping into your purpose, waiting for the right time for your calling, and Darren’s new music project. Learn all about Darren’s CD release party on November 3rd over at About the Born to Be Podcast The […]

Born to Be podcast: Darren Cooperon waiting for your calling

Darren Cooper on waiting for your calling

We got a double shot of Daron (or Darren) on the podcast today! Pastor DARON sat down with his good friend DARREN to discuss what it means to wait for your calling. From an early age, Darren knew his purpose. Yet, it took a long time for him to really step into that calling. What […]

Dave Calabro on the Progressive Journey of Purpose

Dave Calabro on the progressive journey of purpose

Dave Calabro is the sports director at WTHR, the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is also a track announcer at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Indianapolis 500. Dave has been sports casting since 1985 and been in his current role at WTHR since 1992. Since he was a teenager, Dave has known his […]


What is God’s agenda for my life?

What’s God’s agenda for my life? What’s my agenda for God? There’s lots of different ways to say it, or to ask it, but if we’re honest most of us aren’t really sure what to do with God. We really struggle to trust him. When it comes to God we have lots of questions.   […]


The Death of a Dream

Have you ever experienced the death of a dream?   I think we all have. In fact, dead dreams are the cause of much of our pain and shame. We took a risk and started a company. Then something happened and it died. We took a risk and loved someone. Then something happened and we […]


A Vacation From My Problems

Have you ever said to yourself, “I need a vacation from my problems!”?   A few years ago I found myself in a pretty dark place. I was unhappy in my career and I wasn’t very happy with myself. In an effort to deal with the problems in my life, I decided to take, “a […]