June 24

Craig Dereka on the Multiply Conference

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In this episode of the Born to Be Podcast, Pastor Daron and Radio Theology Co-Host Ryan Ahlwardt chat with Craig Dereka. Craig is a dreamer, an entrepreneur, and the co-founder of the Multiply Conference coming to Indianapolis this November!

You won’t want to miss Craig’s story about the roller coaster of a journey from finding success in business and starting a company to selling that company and feeling a loss of identity. Hear how God rescued Craig from the paralyzing and painful feeling of loss and gave him the vision of bringing dreamers, creators, and entrepreneurs together for the Multiply Conference.

About the Multiply Conference

The Multiply Conference was created with the intent of calling out, developing, inspiring and supporting believers who are being called to create something, to start something, to lead something to develop something. No matter what that “something” is, it ultimately has a focus of bringing people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who died for our sins, was risen and gives us the ultimate gift of eternal life if we choose to accept it.

We’d LOVE for you to join us at the Multiply Conference on November 8 and 9. We’ve got your hook-up for a discount as well! Just use the code BORNTOBE at checkout. Prices increase in just a few days (June 30th), so don’t delay!!!

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