What is God’s agenda for my life?

What’s God’s agenda for my life? What’s my agenda for God? There’s lots of different ways to say it, or to ask it, but if we’re honest most of us aren’t really sure what to do with God. We really struggle to trust him. When it comes to God we have lots of questions.


Is He good?

Is He loving?

Is He fair?

Is He mad at me?

If I’m good enough will He give me everything I want?


We all have a journey, we all asked these questions. In his book “WITH”, Skye Jenthani says that we usually settle into one of four camps.


Some of us try to live our lives “ABOVE GOD”. We think we are in charge and every once in a while we throw God a bone so he’ll leave us alone.


Some of us live our lives “BELOW GOD”. We are sure he is mad at us and is looking forward to crushing us with his rules, laws and wrath. This is a pretty scary way to live. This is religion without any real relationship with God.


Then there’s the people that live their life “FROM GOD”.  For these folks, God has basically become their cosmic Santa Claus or maybe their life slot machine. They put in their good deeds, pull the lever and hope they hit the jackpot. The problem with this view of God is when life happens and it hits the fan these people are usually pretty pissed that God didn’t do what they wanted him to.


Lastly, there are people who try and live their life “FOR GOD”. I did this for a long time. I thought if I did enough, it would make God happy and in turn I would be happy. This perspective didn’t work out very well for me. Eventually, I got burned out and didn’t want to work for God anymore.


No matter what faulty perspective you live with, they all miss the point. Once we discover the point of it all, is that God actually wants to live life WITH us, things begin to change. It’s actually the story arc of the entire Bible.


In the beginning God creates humanity in paradise to live with him forever. Then sin and selfishness enters the equation and separates God from being WITH us. Then God chooses one people group to begin a relationship with, so he can invite every people group into the same relationship. Next, God shows up on earth himself to be with us. Jesus dies, comes back to life three days later and ascends into heaven, so He can send the Holy Spirit so God can live with in each of us. This continues until the end of time when, you guessed it, once again we can be WITH God.


I’m not sure where you are in your journey? Are you living above him, below him, trying to get life from him, or doing your darndest to live for him? Wherever you’re at, maybe its time to consider that his agenda for your life is to just be WITH you. Can you reimagine your life WITH God? What would be different if you could live with God instead of; above, below, from or for him?  That’s always been his agenda for your life.



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