How to be effective in life

How to be effective in life [Deep Dive]

On this week’s Deep Dive, our host, Daron Earlewine addresses an important issue: How can we be effective in this life? Chances are, you want to be effective in life. You want your life to matter. We all want to look back on our lives, and see what impact we were able to create and the difference we made in the lives of those around us.

But what does that look like? Many times, our lives feel like the same routine day in and day out. What if we don’t feel like we were created for anything special?

As Daron looks to the Scriptures, he unpacks a critical, yet complicated idea: You were created in the image of God. This means you were created ON purpose and FOR a purpose. It also means you were created for deep an authentic relationship.

Listen in as we continue to discover what and who you were born to be…

About the Born to Be Podcast

The Born to Be Podcast is dedicated to help you discover your unique calling and purpose in life. We believe you were created on purpose and for a purpose. Each week, we deliver inspiration and interviews with today’s top thought leaders who are living out their unique calling. Are you ready to discover your true identity and become who you were born to be?

Hosted by Daron Earlewine, popular radio host, pastor, and the creator of Pub Theology, Radio Theology, and Spiritual DNA.

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I am a speaker, radio host, and entrepreneur. I start new things and speak about helping people find peace, purpose and passion in this life and the next. I’m also known as “The Pub Pastor” and the leader and founder of Pub Theology.

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