I am…Unqualified?!


I am unqualified!?

Are you qualified for the challenges you are currently facing? Have you ever taken a promotion at work and thought, “Well, better fake it, till I make it”? How many mornings as a parent do we feel that statement in our soul? I am currently feeling this emotion. Feeling unqualified is often our first emotion whenever God invites us into an opportunity that is larger than our current imagination. The good news is that God’s blessing and guidance are not dependent on our qualifications. God’s blessings and guidance are always dependent upon His grace.

In this week’s blog, I share a great resource and share a couple of words of wisdom once shared with me. If you are motivated to read Steven Furtick’s book I reference in this video, here is a link to check it out!

Don’t forget…

  1. God is more excited about it than you are!
  2. God will always stack the deck in your favor.
  3. It’s not about YOU.

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