Niall Horan on Born to Be Podcast

Niall Horan on Life, Creativity, and One Love Manchester

Niall Horan (yes, THAT Niall Horan!) sat down with Pastor Daron and Ryan to talk about life, creativity, and the impact of the One Love Manchester concert. Niall went deeper with the guys and had an honest conversation about himself. After touring the word and performing for countless fans, it still comes down to simple, basic truths that affect all of us. Listen in as Niall shares a little bit of his heart.

Niall Horan is best known for being a member of the wildly popular boy band, One Direction. Now, Niall is doing his own solo projects after signing with Capitol Records.

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Hosted by Daron Earlewine, popular radio host, pastor, and the creator of Pub Theology, Radio Theology, and Spiritual DNA.

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