May 13

Phil Clark on Enabling Special Needs Families



Today’s guest on the Born to Be Podcast is Phil Clark, founder of ENABLE Special Needs Planning, a company that helps families create comprehensive plans for their children, tailored to their unique abilities, which allow them to thrive each and every day of their lives. Through his work in the financial services industry, he realized that the industry standard was just a piece of what families really need guidance in.

Phil talks about how God has a bigger plan for all of us than we could ever dream. He speaks to how his pain became passion to impact lives in a much bigger way. He took a risk to step away from his job and launch ENABLE – the only group in the country that starts planning with an abundant mindset.

Keeping his focus on the WHY he’s doing what he’s doing keeps him going. We know you’ll be inspired by Phil’s story!

About ENABLE Special Needs Planning:

At ENABLE Special Needs Planning, LLC, they believe that everyone has the ability to be impactful in the lives of others. This ability is what gives each of us a sense of purpose in life. Phillip Clark, Founder and President, created ENABLE thanks to the positive influence of his younger sister, Sarah, who has Down syndrome. Phillip began his career in the financial services industry with the intention of helping families with children with Special Needs Plan for their futures. He quickly realized that the industry’s standard approach to Special Needs Planning was very different from the way his family had planned for his sister’s life.

Traditional Special Needs Planning only helps families prepare for what will happen to their child when the parents are no longer around to provide for him or her. While creating a transition plan is absolutely essential, Phillip knew that the primary purpose of Special Needs Planning should be finding ways for individuals with special needs to live purposeful, impactful lives every day, based upon their own unique abilities, dreams, and goals.

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