Wayne Jacobsen of The Shack on the type of dreams we should be chasing

Wayne Jacobsen on the type of dreams we should be chasing [Part 2]

On today’s podcast, Pastor Daron and Wayne Jacobsen discuss the type of dreams we should be chasing in our lives. What does it mean to spend our entire lives chasing success and ambition only to achieve it and realize it wasn’t what we thought it would be?

Our culture tells us to be extremely driven in life, but is this really the best way to live? Can we still reach incredible dreams by finding rest in God. Wayne thinks that we can and has seen this in his own life.

Wayne Jacobsen is an author known for his book, He Love Me!. He also collaborated on the wildly popular book, The Shack, and helped to create the publishing company behind the book, Windblown Media. Wayne is the president of Bridge Builders, focusing on bringing unity and resolving religious conflicts, and is co-host of the God Journey podcast. Wayne has 20 plus years of ministry experience.

Learn more about Wayne and listen to his podcast at The God Journey.


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Hosted by Daron Earlewine, popular radio host, pastor, and the creator of Pub Theology, Radio Theology, and Spiritual DNA.

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