July 3

Kristin and Danny on encouraging families



We’ve got a full house on this episode of the Born to Be Podcast! Pastor Daron, plus Lisa Graft and Ryan Ahlwardt from Radio Theology, spend some time with viral video creators Kristin and Danny!

In February 2017, a lip-sync video Kristin and Danny posted on their Facebook page went mega-viral and completely changed their lives.  To date, it’s been viewed over 300 million times, and has helped grow their online community to nearly 1 million people. They are passionate about creating family-friendly online content where God is always welcome, and post new videos every Friday.   

But it wasn’t always easy and success never looked like this clear-cut path. In this episode of the Born to Be Podcast, you’ll be inspired by Kristin and Danny’s journey of finding faith, pursuing their passion, and encouraging families. From a mountaintop moment where God told Danny to move to Indianapolis to the pair saying, “Ok, we’ll post just one more video” (it was the one that went viral, if you’re an entrepreneur just starting out, or you’ve been in the game a long time, there are a million words of wisdom in this episode just for you!

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